Experience Comfortable Root Canals in Fort Smith

Root canals provide much-needed relief to our hurting patients. Contrary to popular belief, root canal therapy is a beneficial treatment and is no more unpleasant than getting a tooth filled – especially when performed at Dental Health of Fianna. Using this treatment and Dr. Dan Jones can:

  • Stop the intense pain from your diseased tooth.
  • Save your tooth from extraction in most cases.
  • Make biting and chewing more comfortable again.
  • Prevent damage to your other teeth and your gums.
  • Prepare your tooth for a long-lasting restoration such as a crown.

Call us today at 479-262-9101 to make an appointment and feel better soon. We are available 24 hours a day via an emergency phone number and offer same-day emergency appointments if needed. Our address is 9004 Jenny Lind Road, next to Fianna Car Wash.

Trust Our Experts When Your Tooth Needs Help

At Dental Health of Fianna, we perform the vast majority of patient root canals in-house. If you come to us in pain, we will help you get your tooth repaired as soon as possible. It is our pleasure to help you feel better and protect your oral health.

If your initial exam reveals that you need root canal treatment, Fort Smith dentist Dr. Dan will begin by making a small opening in the top of your diseased tooth. Through this hole, he will have access to the soft inner part of the tooth known as the pulp. When the pulp becomes infected (from untreated tooth decay or damage), you can experience significant pain.

Using special tools, your dentist will remove the infected pulp and apply a germ-killing medicine to sanitize the tooth. Then they will shape and repair the tooth’s root canals and seal them with gutta-percha, a rubber-like material made from certain trees. This will help prevent reinfection and future problems. Typically, we’ll reseal the top of the tooth with tooth-colored composite resin, the same substance we use to fill cavities.

To completely restore your repaired tooth, we recommend capping it with a custom-made crown. We can have your new crown made from a variety of different materials, depending on your situation and preferences. In the end, you’ll be able to relax without nagging tooth pain and enjoy your favorite foods comfortably again.

Call us today to learn more about root canals and to schedule your appointment: 479-262-9101. Don’t suffer in pain and risk damage to your other teeth!

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