Count on Us For Help Relieving Dental Anxiety in Fort Smith, AR

Doctor Casey on Relieving Dental Anxiety Read Transcript

Like many of our long-term patients, you may be scared about going to the dentist. We can help you by relieving dental anxiety, just like we have for countless other patients over the years. Dr. Dan, Dr. Casey, and Dr. Rappeport, along with our compassionate Fort Smith dental team, will provide you gentle care to:

  • Catch and treat dental problems before they cause major damage.
  • Reduce your anxiety about future dental visits.
  • Allow you to smile more confidently, without fear of embarrassment.
  • Help you feel better about yourself and your ability to overcome challenges.

Forget dental anxiety! Schedule an appointment for comfortable dental care like you’ve never experienced before. Call 479-262-9101 today. Our office is located at 9004 Jenny Lind Dr., not far off I-540.

Comfort & Quality You Can Depend On

All of us at Dental Health of Fianna want you to receive the kind of quality dental care your smile needs to shine brightly. If you’re nervous about dental care, we understand, and we’ll do whatever we can to help.

Oral conscious sedation is one of our fantastic comfort options for patients with dental anxiety. Our dentist will prescribe a small, easy-to-swallow pill for you to take before you arrive at our office. By the time your appointment begins, you’ll feel relaxed and your mind will be at ease. You’ll remain fully awake and able to communicate with our staff, although you may not remember much about your appointment afterward.

Besides sedation, our relaxed dentist office features several patient-friendly amenities that will help you feel right at home. We have flat-screen TVs and headsets in our patient care areas to take your mind off dentistry. Plus, you can nestle under a cozy blanket for a warm and soothing experience. You can even take advantage of bottled water or an individually brewed cup of coffee!

You don’t have to fear the dentist. Come to the experts at relieving dental anxiety! Call 479-262-9101 today to schedule your appointment.

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