Enjoy Healthy Gums Again With Our Fort Smith, AR Gum Disease Treatment

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Do you know what’s lurking inside your mouth? Many people don’t. You could have gum disease and not even know it. Regular checkups and dental care at Dental Health of Fianna will help us catch and eliminate gum disease before it has a chance to wreck your smile. At our Fort Smith, AR dentist office, our dentists offer gum disease treatment that will help you:

  • Get your gums back into a healthy, beautiful state.
  • Smile with renewed confidence without embarrassment.
  • Improve your breath.
  • Prevent more invasive gum treatment later on.
  • Make social and business conversations more relaxed.

Call us today to schedule your gum consultation: 479-262-9101. You’ll find our friendly team at 9004 Jenny Lind Rd., across from Fianna Hills Family Practice.

Restore Your Smile With Expert Gum Disease Therapy

Early symptoms of gum disease include red, swollen gums that are tender to the touch. They may even bleed when brushing or flossing. However, you could have infected gums before you ever notice these signs.

Bacteria on your teeth feed on sugar, developing into plaque and eventually tartar. Over time, pockets of infection can form below your gumline between your teeth roots and gums. At this point, it is usually necessary for one of our dentists to “deep clean” your gums to restore their health.

We will use special tools to gently remove built-up tartar and infection from your tooth roots (a process known as scaling), then smooth (or plane) the roots to help prevent reinfection. We may need to repeat this process every few months to keep your gums healthy.

If gum disease has already damaged your gums, we’ll use a safe, low-power laser for treatment. The laser will remove damaged tissue and reseal your gums at the same time. You won’t need any incisions or stitches with this revolutionary treatment. Your gums can then begin the healing process.

Gum disease treatment will get your smile looking great again! Call us today to schedule your appointment: 479-262-9101.

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