Rebuild Your Smile To Rebuild Your Confidence

You’re ready for work and you’re feeling confident.

You flash your smile in the mirror. Your teeth look as good as they have looked in a long time.

You’ve got that business lunch today to meet with a potential new client. You’re feeling good — both about the meal and about signing a contract soon.

It seemed like a small thing at the time, but getting dental implants really has made a difference in how you see yourself. You worry less about what other people think about your smile. Instead, you are able to be yourself in professional situations and personal ones, too. You’re so glad you called 479-262-9101 to make that appointment at Dental Health of Fianna in Fort Smith, AR.

Build A Stronger Smile

Replacing lost teeth can do more than just fill the empty space in your smile. Your teeth replacements can ease your anxiety about your missing teeth. That alone can affect your daily life in many positive ways. When you no longer feel the need to hide your mouth behind your hand or to avoid smiling, you can remain relaxed.

Of course, your teeth aren’t just for looks. They affect how you speak and how you can eat. As many people have learned, try to talk with missing teeth or loose-fitting dentures can feel odds. Trying to eat in that situation can be even more challenging.

If you want to speak naturally and you want to eat the foods that you love, then you owe it to yourself to talk to one of our doctors about getting dental implants. With implants to secure your restorations, you will feel like you’ve got healthy teeth in your mouth.

Replace As Many Teeth As You Are Missing

Whether you are missing a single tooth or every tooth in your mouth, implants should be part of your replacement plan.

Without getting too deep into the science behind it, implants can do some important things. First, they hold your restoration in place to give you a natural smile. Second, they create a direct connection from your jawbone to your restoration. This is why you can bite and chew practically as well as someone with all their teeth. Third, implants prevent the kind of bone loss that can change the shape of your face. Leaving a gap in your smile or getting traditional dentures won’t stop this problem.

To choose the right replacement, you just need to choose the option that fits your needs.

To replace a single tooth, an implant-supported dental crown will give you a complete tooth replacement. To replace multiple teeth, an implant-supported bridge fills the gap in your smile without affecting the healthy teeth you still have. To replace a whole row of teeth, implant-supported dentures can feel and function as good as the real thing.

Get Back What’s Missing

Replacing your teeth is about more than your smile. The right replacements can make your daily life easier and restore a sense of self-confidence as well.

You can experience this at Dental Health of Fianna. Contact us online or call 479-262-9101 to request a consultation. Find out if implants are right for you.

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