Act Today If You Want Your Dream Smile Tomorrow

It’s pretty clear that people like having nice smiles. Every year, Americans spend billions of dollars to improve the appearance of their teeth. The reasons for this can vary widely. Some people want to improve their self-confidence. Other people want to restore their smiles or to look younger. Still more people get cosmetic treatment to ...

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Are My Gums Healthy? (quiz)

Do you ever see a tiny bit of blood on your toothbrush? If so, your gums could be suffering. Healthy gums should be pink and firm, and they shouldn’t bleed when brushing your teeth. Regular checkups at our Fort Smith, AR dentist office will help catch and treat gum disease before it wrecks your smile. Dental Health of Fianna can help keep ...

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Maintain a Radiant Smile With Regular Checkups (video)

The smile team at Dental Health of Fianna has the expertise and tools needed to give you a radiant smile and help you keep it. You should have one of our two dentists – either Dr. Dan Jones or Dr. Casey Jones – examine your mouth for problems every six months. Regular checkups will help: Prevent cavities and gum disease. Keep your ...

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Welcome to the Smile Blog of Dental Health of Fianna

Every day the dedicated dental team at Dental Health of Fianna uses our skills to help Fort Smith, AR residents smile more boldly and enjoy better oral health. Routine checkups and general dental care are one way we do that. Another way we want to help our patients is by providing helpful dental education and smile tips. We hope that our new smile ...

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