Facts You Should Know About Oral Cancer (infographic)

When you come to our Fort Smith, AR, general dental office for a cleaning and exam, we’ll be looking for tooth decay and gums. We also look for something else far more serious. Oral cancer screenings are a regular part of our exams for our patients at Dental Health of Fianna. April is Oral Cancer Awareness Month, so we are sharing some ...

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Get Something New … With Cosmetic Dentistry

Maybe you’ll be a groomsman or a bridesmaid. Maybe you're the parent of one-half of the lucky couple. Or maybe you’re the one getting married. In any of these situations, we hope you enjoy the joyous occasion and hope you feel comfortable sharing your smile. If for no other reason than because your photo will be taken a lot on that ...

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Add A Layer Of Protection For Your Teeth (video)

We hope you are brushing and flossing your teeth daily. We also hope you visit our team in Fort Smith, AR, for regular dental cleanings and exams as well. But there’s another service that we offer that you should know about. It’s part of our family dentistry at Dental Health of Fianna. Dental sealants can reduce your family’s risk of ...

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Rebuild Your Smile To Rebuild Your Confidence

You’re ready for work and you’re feeling confident. You flash your smile in the mirror. Your teeth look as good as they have looked in a long time. You’ve got that business lunch today to meet with a potential new client. You’re feeling good — both about the meal and about signing a contract soon. It seemed like a small thing at ...

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Keep Your Healthy Smile For Many Years (video)

If you are getting older, then you already know that your body doesn’t work as well as it did when you were younger. That’s just as true for your oral health as it is for your overall health. Fortunately, you can take steps to maintain your oral health for decades. One of those steps should be getting regular dental cleanings and exams, ...

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Keep Smiling By Visiting Us For Family Dentistry

Someone from your child’s school is on the phone. You kid has been complaining of a toothache, and they wanted to let you know. You aren’t sure what to do. Should you pull them out of school? Take them to the dentist? It would be better for everyone involved to avoid this kind of situation. You want your kids to stay healthy, and that ...

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Keep Your Smile By Protecting Your Gums (infographic)

You want a healthy smile, right? Then you need to take care of your gums, too. Gum disease is the leading cause of tooth loss in the United States. We do offer gum disease treatment at our Fort Smith, AR dentist office. By preventing or treating periodontal problems, you are much more likely to keep your beautiful smile intact. Call ...

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Feel Confident Again With Implant-Supported Dentures

You enter the restaurant and let the hostess know that you have a reservation. When you and your spouse are taken to your table, you look over the menu for something you really want to eat. Your diet is no longer limited to foods that you can chew with your old, loose-fitting dentures. Now, you are confident that your replacement teeth aren’t ...

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Take Action To Keep Your Healthy, Beautiful Teeth (video)

Preventive care is the best approach to good oral health. Brushing and flossing daily does a lot to reduce your risk of cavities and gum disease. But adding regular dental checkup to a general dentist in Fort Smith, AR can make a world of difference. At Dental Health of Fianna, we want you to be as healthy as possible in 2019 and many years ...

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3 Reasons to Visit Our Family Dentists in 2019

Now that the New Year is here, we hope it will be a happy and healthy one for you and the people you love. One of the things you can do to help yourselves is to visit our family dentists in Fort Smith, AR in 2019. Whether you want to prevent problems, need treatment for something, or just want to improve your smile in some way, our team at ...

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