Get Something New … With Cosmetic Dentistry

Maybe you’ll be a groomsman or a bridesmaid. Maybe you’re the parent of one-half of the lucky couple.

Or maybe you’re the one getting married.

In any of these situations, we hope you enjoy the joyous occasion and hope you feel comfortable sharing your smile. If for no other reason than because your photo will be taken a lot on that day.

There will be formal pictures by the hired professional photographer, and there will be plenty of “selfies” posted to social media throughout the day. Visiting our Fort Smith office for some cosmetic dentistry can give you the confidence to show how happy you are on the big day.

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… Something New

Your smile can feel like new with the right cosmetic service. The good news is that you have a lot of options at our office. You might be surprised just how different your smile could look by the time the date you’ve saved arrives.

Many people get stains on their teeth after years of drinking coffee and tea, eating pasta and desserts, or using tobacco. Professional teeth whitening is a great way to get rid of those deep stains so you can show off your “pearly whites” once again.

That isn’t the only option for improving the color of your smile, however. Dental veneers are another great way to brighten your teeth … and to fix a number of other flaws. You could think of veneers as a kind of shell that covers the front of your smile. With veneers, you can improve the color of your smile, conceal gaps and crooked teeth, and fix broken or chipped smiles.

Tooth bonding is another option for fixing chipped teeth. Bonding also can close gaps in your smile or rebuild worn-down teeth. This is a lower cost option compared to veneers. Just keep in mind that bonding won’t last as long as veneers.

If you have a gummy smile, gum reshaping can get rid of the “extra” gum tissue. This will let your teeth take center stage when you do smile.

One more option worth considering is Snap-On Smile. This is a specially made cover for your teeth. It can give you the perfect smile that you’ve always wanted. This covers can last for a few years. This can provide a short-term fix while you save for a long-term solution.

Visit A Team You Can Trust

Our doctors have more than 70 years of combined experience helping patients improve your smile. If you are going to be part of a wedding in any way, you don’t want to take chances with cosmetic dentistry.

Instead, talk to a team that has improved thousands of smiles. Get teeth you’ll be happy to share on the wedding day and long after.

Get Started With A Consultation

Contact us online or call 479-262-9101 now. Plan ahead with a consultation soon, so you can have the smile you want people to see when the big day arrives.

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