Enjoy Eating Anything You Want Once Again

We love the holidays. Spending time with our loved ones is great. Giving gifts to show our appreciation for the people in our lives gives us a good feeling, too.

But if we’re being completely honest, we also love the food.

Whether it’s turkey, stuffed, mac-and-cheese, mashed potatoes, or any number of delicious desserts. Being able to eat anything you want is one of life’s little joys.

And no one knows that better than people who can’t eat the foods they want, based on what many patients have told us over the years.

Fortunately, we offer restorative dentistry in Fort Smith, AR. If you are longing for the days you could eat what you pleased, we want to help.

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Eat Comfortably Again

Biting and chewing can be challenging when you are missing teeth or you have teeth that are broken or damaged by decay. No matter what your situation, you can do something about it. Here are some services that could help you:

• Dental Implants — If you are missing any number of teeth, we strongly recommend that you consider getting implants. These replace the roots of your teeth, and they add power and stability to crowns, bridges, and dentures.

• Dentures — If you need to replace one or both arches of teeth, implant-supported dentures can give you a natural-looking smile and allow you to eat comfortably again.

• Dental Crowns & Bridges — If you are missing multiple teeth, a bridge is your best option for filling the gaps. If you are missing a single tooth, we suggest an implant-supported crown. Dental crowns also can repair teeth that are broken, cracked, decayed, or infected.

• Root Canals — If you do have a tooth infection, a root canal treatment will remove it. Then we can cap the tooth with a crown to restore your smile and your ability to bite and chew comfortably.

• Dental Fillings — Sometimes all it takes is a cavity for biting and chewing to become painful. Our tooth-colored fillings will fix that problem and let you eat without pain once again.

Stay Pain-Free During Your Treatment

Even people who are comfortable with routine dental care can feel some anxiety when faced restorative treatment. You can remain pain-free during this process by coming to Dental Health of Fianna.

We offer dental sedation for all our patients. Sedation’s primary benefits are blocking pain and helping you feel calm and relaxed. With oral sedation, we’ll prescribe a single dose of mediation to help you get through your implant placement, root canal, or other procedure.

Be aware that the effects can last for a few hours, so you must arrange for someone else to take you home if you do choose this option.

Ready to Dig In?

When you dine out or get together with your family, you shouldn’t be worried about whether you’ll be able to eat anything. Instead, fix your smile with restorative dentistry in Fort Smith.

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