Dental Cleanings Can Make A Difference In Class

You may have spent hours in stores recently gathering supplies for the upcoming school year. You do this because you want your children to have everything they need to have success in the classroom. You want your children to get the best education possible.

That’s also why you should schedule a dental checkup soon at Dental Health of Fianna.

It might not seem obvious at first, but good oral health can make a difference in how your child performs in school. We’ll get into some details in a moment. For now, just call 479-262-9101 to plan your next cleaning and exam at our family dentistry in Fort Smith, AR office.

Learn The Effects

A child takes their seat in the middle of the classroom. This student wants to learn and wants to get a good education. But something is bothering them.

A painful tooth has become a bit of a distraction. As the teacher discusses the day’s lesson, the student can’t concentrate. Taking notes has become more difficult as a result, and the notes that student takes today aren’t as complete as they could be.

It doesn’t help that the child barely ate any breakfast and very little lunch. That too is because the toothache that is developing in their mouth.

Good oral health may not make your child a better student, but poor oral health can impact how well they can focus on the tasks they need to complete.

That isn’t just a feeling either. A recent study of high school students found that students with dental problems were four times as likely to have low grades when compared to their peers, according to the Children’s Dental Health Project. A separate study also found that among children 6 to 12 years old, 1 in 7 reported having a toothache in the previous 12 months.

Dental health issues also can affect how often children are in school. The American Dental Association has reported that students in the United States miss an average of 51 million hours of school each year because of oral health issues.

Apply These Lessons

To keep your children’s mouths as healthy as possible, you can do a few things. Let’s start by reviewing the basics.

First, teach your family to have consistent oral health habits. According to the ADA, this should include a few things. Everyone should brush their teeth for two minutes, twice each day. Clean your teeth on all sides using fluoride toothpaste and a soft-bristled toothbrush. This can remove harmful bacteria and plaque buildup before it can harden into tartar.

Next, you should clean between your teeth and gums once per day. This is important because your toothbrush isn’t as effective at cleaning those spaces. The most common tool for this is dental floss. If you aren’t a fan of flossing, consider using a flosser or water flosser instead.

For added protection against tooth decay and gum disease, you should get professional dental cleanings and exams. By coming to our practice, your family’s teeth will be cleaned thoroughly. This will remove any plaque or tartar buildup your loved ones may have.

If there is a problem, however, we want to treat it as soon as we can. A filling today is easier to handle (and less expensive) than getting a root canal to fix and infected tooth in the near future.

Come See Us Soon

We want your family to be happy and successful during the coming school year. It’s just one of many reasons we hope you will visit Dental Health of Fianna soon. Call our Fort Smith office at  479-262-9101 or fill out our online form to request your appointment.

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