Deal With Tooth Decay Before Thanksgiving

You just loaded up your plate for a Thanksgiving meal with people you love. The spread includes delicious turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and more desserts that you need.

As you prepare for your first bite, you anticipate how wonderful it’s going to taste. But when you take that bite, something unexpected happens. A tooth begins to hurt a lot. You power through it and take a second bite. This time, the pain is worse — much worse — and you know that you won’t be eating anymore.

Your aching tooth could become a dental emergency.

Don’t let an oral health issue spoil your holidays. Call 479-262-9101 now to take care of any issues with a visit to Dental Health of Fianna in Fort Smith, AR.

Don’t Let A Little Issue Become A Big Problem

We’ve seen the consequences of ignoring a minor issue too many times. A patient who has noticed the tell-tale signs of tooth decay (discolored tooth, increased tooth sensitivity) just hopes the issues will go away on their own.

Instead, the decay spreads. The pain gets worse, and eventually, the patient feels like they have no choice but to make an appointment. By that point, a simple dental filling isn’t enough to solve the problem.

No, they need a dental crown or a root canal. In the most serious cases, the problematic tooth needs to be removed and replace. We can handle all of those things, but for your sake, we would rather take care of problems in the early stages.

You can avoid more expensive treatments by visiting us for a dental cleaning and exam sooner rather than later.

Eat What You Want

When eating leads to pain, that is a problem for multiple reasons. First and foremost, you need to eat to stay healthy. More specifically, you need a balanced diet.

If biting and chewing causes pain, you may find yourself avoiding certain foods by choice or by necessity. In either case, your oral health problem is interfering with your quality of life.

By taking action today to remove tooth decay and get a compositive filling, you can repair your tooth and recreate your complete smile. With one of our tooth-colored fillings, your smile can look natural.

Plus, when you have your tooth filling, you can bite and chew normally again. That means you can eat what you want during Thanksgiving, throughout the holiday season, and for years to come with proper care of your teeth.

Make Repairs Today To Spare Your Pain Tomorrow

When you get together with family and friends, you should enjoy that time together. That often includes sharing a good meal with your good company.

Tooth decay, a toothache, or tooth infection can become an obstacle to you being able to get the most from those moments together. A visit to Dental Health of Fianna could be just what you need to avoid worries about whether or not you will be able to eat.

Contact our office in Fort Smith, AR to get a tooth filling soon. Call 479-262-9101 or fill out our online form.

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