Choose A General Dentist For Decades Of Care (video)

Liz appreciates the value of high-quality general dentistry. She also appreciates have a team of dental professionals she can count on for her oral health needs. It's why she has been coming to Dental Health of Fianna for 25 years. "I'm always joking or laughing or smiling or something. I enjoy a good laugh, and it makes it nice when you are ...

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Deal With Tooth Decay Before Thanksgiving

You just loaded up your plate for a Thanksgiving meal with people you love. The spread includes delicious turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, and more desserts that you need. As you prepare for your first bite, you anticipate how wonderful it's going to taste. But when you take that bite, something unexpected happens. A tooth begins to hurt a ...

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Enjoy (Some) Candy Without Tooth Decay (infographic)

Are you prepared for Halloween? Do you have your costume picked out? Do you know what you'll do with all the candy that you'll be dealing with for the next several weeks? We hope you have fun and remain cavity-free. You can fight tooth decay by following our tips and visiting Dental Health of Fianna for your next dental cleaning and exam. To ...

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Choose The ‘Most Relaxing’ Dental Office For You (video)

Jennifer had a bad experience when her wisdom teeth were removed as a teenager. So, she was understandably nervous about having a root canal as an adult. What she learned at Dental Health of Fianna is that this procedure does not have to be difficult. If you have dental anxiety, find out for yourself why Jennifer has called our Fort Smith, AR ...

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Triumph Over Dental Fear By Visiting Us

Since Halloween is coming up soon, we have a question for you. What is the scariest thing you can think of? Is it a monster, like a vampire or a werewolf? Is it a ghost or a mummy? Maybe it's a villain from a movie or television show? For many people, the thing that scares them the most is something very real, and it's something we are very ...

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Don’t Let Teeth Grinding Hurt You (infographic)

Do you wake up with headaches? Does your jaw get sore when you eat breakfast? You might be dealing with a TMJ disorder. And that could be the result of teeth grinding. Fortunately, you can get treatment for this problem at Dental Health Of Fianna. To request an appointment at our Fort Smith, AR dentist office, call or contact us ...

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Get Informed About Wisdom Teeth At Our Office (video)

Wisdom teeth generally come in when people are in their late teens or early 20s. If they come in correctly, they can be beneficial. Unfortunately, for many people, wisdom teeth can cause a number of problems, especially if they become impacted. The American Dental Association explains more about wisdom teeth, including why you may remove them, ...

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Call Us For Help During A Dental Emergency

They can happen in the blink of an eye. All it takes is one moment when a player takes her eyes off the ball ... when two people collide due to being distracted ... when you bite into something that is harder than you expected. Dental emergencies are an unfortunate part of life for countless people every year. However, it's good to know you ...

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Wear A Mouthguard To Stay In The Game (infographic)

Is anyone in your family getting ready to take the field or hit the court this fall? Then now is a great time to schedule an appointment at Dental Health of Fianna. We can design a custom-made athletic mouthguard as part of our general dentistry in Fort Smith, AR. The mouthguards are more comfortable to wear and offer better protection than the ...

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Fight The ‘Bad Guys’ With Your Toothbrush (video)

At our family dentist office, we focus on preventive care. The means we want you and your children to understand how to fight the “bad guys” at home. In this case, the bad guys are cavity-causing bacteria. Your kids can save their own smiles by fighting back with a toothbrush twice per day. The video below by the American Dental Association ...

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