Get Informed About Wisdom Teeth At Our Office (video)

Wisdom teeth generally come in when people are in their late teens or early 20s. If they come in correctly, they can be beneficial. Unfortunately, for many people, wisdom teeth can cause a number of problems, especially if they become impacted. The American Dental Association explains more about wisdom teeth, including why you may remove them, ...

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Call Us For Help During A Dental Emergency

They can happen in the blink of an eye. All it takes is one moment when a player takes her eyes off the ball ... when two people collide due to being distracted ... when you bite into something that is harder than you expected. Dental emergencies are an unfortunate part of life for countless people every year. However, it's good to know you ...

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Wear A Mouthguard To Stay In The Game (infographic)

Is anyone in your family getting ready to take the field or hit the court this fall? Then now is a great time to schedule an appointment at Dental Health of Fianna. We can design a custom-made athletic mouthguard as part of our general dentistry in Fort Smith, AR. The mouthguards are more comfortable to wear and offer better protection than the ...

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Fight The ‘Bad Guys’ With Your Toothbrush (video)

At our family dentist office, we focus on preventive care. The means we want you and your children to understand how to fight the “bad guys” at home. In this case, the bad guys are cavity-causing bacteria. Your kids can save their own smiles by fighting back with a toothbrush twice per day. The video below by the American Dental Association ...

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Dental Cleanings Can Make A Difference In Class

You may have spent hours in stores recently gathering supplies for the upcoming school year. You do this because you want your children to have everything they need to have success in the classroom. You want your children to get the best education possible. That’s also why you should schedule a dental checkup soon at Dental Health of ...

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Discover What A Smile Makeover Can Do

People have come to us asking to improve their smiles of a number of reasons. Some people are concerned that a “bad” smile is hurting them in their professional lives. Other people just want the confidence boost that comes with creating the smile of their dreams. With some treatments, there are health benefits as well. Plus, having a nice ...

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Fight For Your Smile With Tooth-Colored Fillings (video)

You don’t want tooth decay, yet the National Institutes of Health reports that more than 90 percent of people will have at least one cavity during their lives. We hope you are among the lucky one who remains cavity-free for life, but just in case you aren’t, we offer tooth-colored fillings at our Fort Smith, AR dentist office. These filling ...

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Could You Whiten For A Bright Smile Again? (quiz)

It happens. You can try to ignore it, but it’s still there. Your teeth are yellow or darker than you would like. The stains are the consequence of years, maybe decades, of drinking coffee, tea, and soft drinks and of eating pasta, pizza, and pies, among many other things. If you want to restore your bright smile, then you should ask about ...

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Ready For Your Close-Up? Choose Dental Veneers

If you’ve been to the movies or watched any television this year, then you’ve seen them. You’ve probably seen them more times than you can count. What are we referring to? It’s the “Hollywood” smile. It’s become so common that you probably don’t think much about it. Whether it’s the winning smile of a hero or the flirtatious ...

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Talking Toothpaste With Our Family Dentists (video)

As a family dentist office in Fort Smith, AR, we get a lot of questions from our patients. We are happy to answer them for you. One of the most common concerns we hear is, “What kind of toothpaste should I use?” Generally, you should look for toothpaste with the American Dental Association’s Seal of Acceptance. You should use a pea-sized ...

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