Dental Crowns Strengthen Smiles (infographic)

Dental crowns have been an integral part of oral care since before dentistry was considered its own field. Today, we can use crowns to correct a number of problems, repair smiles, and restore the function of damaged teeth. Could a crown help you? Call or contact us online if you have questions for our team at Dental Health of Fianna in Fort ...

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Good Oral Health & A Lifetime Of Smiles (video)

How long do you want to keep your teeth? Your oral health is important for your entire life, and keeping your teeth healthy can have a positive impact on your quality of life. This is one reason our team at Dental Health of Fianna continues to encourage you to maintain good oral care habits. Brushing twice daily. Floss every day, and when you ...

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General Dentistry Starts With Communication (video)

For our team, general dentistry is about much more than teeth. It’s about building relationships with our patients. When we are able to offer more of our services again, we will implement some changes in light of COVID-19. However, our commitment to you, our patients, will be as strong as ever. In the meantime, you can still contact our team ...

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Follow These Steps To Protect Your Smile This Summer (infographic)

We are hopeful that it won’t be long until we can welcome patients back to our Fort Smith, AR office for our full range of services. We can still see you for dental emergencies, but we want to encourage you to prevent them as much as you can. With summer just around the corner, we are sharing some tips to protect your teeth throughout the ...

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Keep Smiling With General Dentistry & Good Habits (video)

Someday soon, we expect to be offering our full services as part of our general dentistry again. Until then, we hope you keep your smiles looking great at home. As a friendly reminder of what to do, watch this musical video by the American Dental Association. If you have any questions or need emergency dental care, don’t hesitate to call to ...

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Call Us For Urgent & Emergency Dental Care (video)

One day soon, we hope we can welcome you back to our Fort Smith, AR for our full general dental care. Until that day comes, we hope you are healthy and safe. If you do need urgent or emergency dental care, however, our team at Dental Health of Fianna still wants to help. Call if you have questions about an oral health problem. ...

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Don’t Wait To Do Something About A Toothache (infographic)

As we are preparing to resume offering a wider range of services, you can still call us for help with dental emergencies. Infected teeth can lead to painful toothaches, and you should not wait to end your pain. If you have an oral health emergency in Fort Smith, AR. Contact Dental Health of Fianna online or call right away. Made with ...

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Some Day See We Hope To See Your Smiles (video)

We are eager to begin helping patients as soon as we can. We are preparing for the time when we can offer you a full range of services again. As part of that preparation, we are gathering PPE and putting together policies and procedures to keep you safe during your visits with us. When the day comes when we can reopen, we will be ready. Until ...

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Reach Out To Us In A Dental Emergency (video)

We hope soon that we will be able to offer our full range of dental services again. Until then, please know that our team at Dental Health of Fianna is still here to help during dental emergencies. Call to contact our team in Fort Smith, AR. We look forward to welcoming you to our office again. Keep yourself healthy and safe until then. ...

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Get In The Routine Of Staying Healthy (infographic)

We want you to remain healthy and safe during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. For our part, we are temporarily limiting the services we offer. We also know that many people find having a routine can help them maintain their emotional, mental, and physical health (including your oral health). The infographic below is one example of such a ...

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